Scientists have linked air pollution with levels of crime

In the result of joint research of scientists from the U.S. and India, was the dependence of the crime level of pollution. The results of the research work published by The Deccan Chronicle.

Experts have suggested that anxiety, the level of which increases depending on the degree of air pollution may be the factor that pushes people cheating and breaking the law.

The researchers compared data from 9360 cities over 9-year period, setting a higher level of crime in areas with highly polluted environment. Was additionally carried out some experimental work.

Thus, the participants of one study were asked to describe life in areas with polluted or clean air. The result was revealed the propensity for unethical behavior and expression of anxiety in subjects who wrote about life in the contaminated territories.

The following experiment involved the demonstration of photos of polluted and clean regions of 256 volunteers. Participants were asked to imagine life in these places and describe their feelings. Then the group's task was to perform tasks on the computer answering questions. The correct answer was estimated to be 50 cents.

In addition, participants reported the failure in the program, which allowed him to see the correct answer hover the mouse over the area, however, asked to avoid using hints. According to the observations, a group of people representing themselves in a contaminated environment, are much more likely to break the condition.

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