Scientists have learned to read the mind of the person using the apparatus MRI

Neuroscientists from Yale University, using magnetic resonance imaging, have learned to recover from brain images, which he thinks at the time of the study. Data about the experiment published in the journal Neuroimage.

In the experiment, the volunteers watched 300 photos depicting various persons At this time the brain of the subjects were analyzed using an MRI machine.

Scientists have tried to understand what changes in the nervous system occur when changing hair color, shape of the nose and other facial features. Eventually, we managed to create a matrix in which each trait was consistent with the activity of a particular brain structure.

In the second stage of the experiment the volunteers were viewing images of other persons, and computer program tried to repeat the image, based on the brain activity of volunteers. Scientists say about the invention of a simple variant of reading thoughts. Further, the method can be used to study visual human emotions, memories and dreams.

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