Scientists have learned how to zoom in and zoom out of microparticles by laser

Led by Paul Semanco group of scientists from the Institute of scientific instruments of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has invented a device by which you can move and attract quite a large microparticles. The device consists of two mirrors, two lasers and a computer whose function is to control the polarization and other properties of the emitters.

With the help of his brainchild, physicists tried to push the balls of polystyrene size 100-410 nanometers, floating in the water. And they were able to achieve results: the balls have been displaced from their positions almost 30 micrometers. According to physics, the distance can be increased by increasing the laser power.

In the future, scientists will try to use his invention as one of the constituent elements of the microscope, which will give the opportunity to "catch" the living cells or individual particles with the purpose of their move in the desired direction. And attracting the laser beams can be applied with success in space. For example, they can be to catch fragments of asteroids or satellites.

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