Scientists have learned how to stop the destruction of brain cells

Experts from Yale medical school have developed a new technique aimed at the treatment of brain injuries and diseases associated with degeneration of the nervous system (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's).

Studies have shown that the mRNA molecules of the family of let-7 is responsible for the regulation of the process of neuronal cell death. mRNA activates a special receptors that provokes the destruction of neurons.

This starts a chain of reactions aimed at damaging the nervous system. Scientists have found a way to stop this process. Preimplantation factor sPIF is a substance that is able to slow down cell death.

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Scientists have found, sPIF stops the rapid death of neurons and reduces inflammation in the local centers. The substance blocks the synthesis of let-7. sPIF is associated with protein necessary for the formation of mRNA. In the pathological chain is broken, and the nervous system gradually returns to normal operation.

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