Scientists have learned how to quickly diagnose especially dangerous breast cancer

Oncology is the area of the opening in which it is extremely important for proper and adequate treatment of cancerous tumors. On the one hand the disease is a cancer that spreads through the body, with the other powerful and dangerous chemical therapy, surgical and radiation techniques, which cause damage to destroy cancer cells.

Experts from McGill University have discovered a marker of development of dangerous cancer of the breast. It appeared to be protein p66ShcA, which, as the analysis has shown, is a sign of the development of epithelial-mesenchymal transition, a stage of formation of metastases.

Concentration of p66ShcA can be judged on the stage and type of cancer, to predict the course of the disease. This is extremely important in determining the strategy of the cancer treatment process. If the tumor develops slowly, you can avoid large-scale chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs cause a number of side effects. If actively growing cancer without chemotherapy can not do, its absence would lead to a rapid death of the patient.

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