Scientists have learned how to prolong the life of patients with a deadly form of cancer

In 2012, scientists began the development of a drug that increases the life expectancy of patients with a deadly form of cancer, writes The drug is in the form of tablets indicated for use in patients with leukemia lymphoma in the last stages, when traditional therapy has no positive effect.

The tool consists of a tyrosine kinase blockers of Bruton. Tyrosinekinase of Bruton affect the operation of the signaling system and is responsible for the growth of cancer cells. Blocking protein can slow tumor growth and kill some cells. Healthy tissue is not affected.

Preliminary trials of the drug were successful. To date 30 people take medicine. Despite the General condition of the patients (the last stage of cancer, doctors have estimated positively. Patients themselves believe that their health has improved significantly.

Features of the drug is no side effects. It should be noted that development is not a cure for cancer, however, the components in the composition can significantly increase the life expectancy and quality in cancer patients.

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Doctors advise to contact the experts and systematically to take the test for the rapid detection of tumors. Today cancer are successfully treated in most cases.

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