Scientists have learned how to prolong life by 30%

The first experiments on laboratory mice to extend their life by a third. Scientists from the US have cleared the animals from the old cells that lost their ability to divide. This kind of "cleansing" had a positive impact on lifespan of rodents.

The whole process of aging is rooted in the loss of ability of cells to divide. It turned out if you can start the renewal processes of cells, at least partially, can extend the life of any living organism. Scientists fed mice and added to foods drug AP20187. This substance killed the old cells.

14 days after the start of the experiment the number of healthy cells in the body of animals has decreased in eight times. The number of new cells at the same time greatly increased. This has led to the increase in life expectancy of animals by 30%, to reduce the risk of development of senile cataract and many other diseases. Scientists suggest that in the future this kind of "cleaning" will be available for humans.

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