Scientists have learned how to predict the development of love relationships

Everyone you ever loved, and someone is doing at the moment. But none of them and had no idea that the duration of their relationship can scientists predict. In the study it became known that in the brain of people who meet for a long time, there are certain changes that might be fixed during its scanning, writes The Daily Mail.

Neuroscientists have tried to determine by experiment whether to continue after 3 years, the relationship between several pairs of lovers. To do this, scientists have shown pictures of their partner or partners and asked to recall some scenes from their life together.

At this time their brains were scanned using special instruments. Increased activity in the orbitofrontal area of the brain indicated that the love for this couple is expecting a great future. This area of the cerebral cortex evaluates the behavior of others and is responsible for the criticism and have our own opinion.

The fact that the reliability of the conducted experiment, scientists rechecked after 3 years, when we again met with in pairs, and have found that those who predicted the development of relations, were actually together.

The scientists also concluded that long-term relationships can occur in those couples in which the partners have not only strong feelings about each other, but also know how to control his emotions.

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