Scientists have learned how to predict the date of death of the mitochondria

Tests at the date of death have little to do with real science. Scientists have learned how to predict the life expectancy of the status of the mitochondria. Every living cell has these organelles. Mitochondria are the power plants of cells. They break down to form ATP is the main energy source.

Chinese scientists have conducted their research and believed that mitochondria carry information about the biological age of a person. ATP, which is synthesized in the mitochondria is the main source of energy in living organisms. The oxygen used in the reaction of formation of substances taken from the water, but part of it forms free radicals, which destroy the mitochondria and the cell.

The body has a system responsible for fighting free radicals with the help of special enzymes. However, until the last moment of the above mechanisms were merely speculation without scientific justification.

In their experiment, the researchers compared the mitochondrial oxidative outbreaks in two species of worms (nematodes). The average duration of the first kind is 21 days, second - 30 days and more. Outbreaks in the two groups was noted in the early adulthood and old age.

The first series, the researchers note, connected with lifetime. It allows you to judge the frequency of outbreaks in early adulthood. Tracking the frequency of outbreaks suggests, how many will live nematode.

So simple worms helped scientists to obtain valuable information. In the future discovery will help to understand the mechanisms of mitochondria in humans and to predict the rate of aging.

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