Scientists have learned how to model a person's face in his DNA

A research group from Pennsylvania about the possibility of simulation of the human face based on its genetic material. The results of the study published in PLoS Genetic.

In the experiment, biologists have recreated about 600 persons In the process of creating the researchers used data on the coordinates of the seven thousand points on the face. The visual information was linked to the DNA structure of each individual.

The analysis of the obtained data, the researchers realized that the difference between human populations is responsible for only 5% of the genetic material. It turns out that knowing the features of DNA, you can restore the main features of the human face.

Today the head of the research group together with his colleagues plan to expand the study to conduct a greater number of scans in order to clarify the possible variations of shapes and facial features.

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The developed methodology in the future will help to restore the portraits of the parents, based on the DNA of the child. This will help anthropologists to conduct research. Deeper knowledge in this field will enable their use in forensics.

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