Scientists have learned how to diagnose alcoholism in genes

Scientists have learned how to diagnose alcoholism in the group of 11 genes. The diagnosis is very accurate, according to experts from the Medical school of Indiana University. The method was confirmed in the study, three groups of volunteers, writes Zee News.

At the beginning of the study, the researchers analyzed the structure of the 135 genes. These genes were compared to those genes whose activity in laboratory animals has changed. These animals had an irresistible craving for alcohol in stressful situations. So scientists were able to identify a group of genes responsible for the behavior characteristic of alcoholism. All scientists have identified 11 genes and 66 of the variants.

Next, the researchers studied a group of genes on volunteers: Caucasian, African Americans and the Germans. Scientists had information not only about genes volunteers, but also about their addiction to alcohol. 11 genes were often associated not only with alcoholism. In some cases, genes made itself felt in cocaine addiction, Parkinson's disease, mental illness.

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