Scientists have learned how to determine the risk of testicular cancer in men before birth

Experts from the University Case Western Reserve research has discovered a mutation in the genes responsible for the development of testicular cancer. Itself mutation is associated with the pathology of a different kind. It affects the gene SRY, which is responsible for the formation of male sex organs in the prenatal stage of development, reports Zee News.

Himself SRY gene is responsible for the formation of all major organs: brain, respiratory system, heart. It largely determines the reaction of the men to stress. Thanks gene men are more aggressive than women.

A mutation in the SRY gene disrupts the process of coagulation protein that interferes with the normal formation of the testicles in men. Tissue defects can lead to serious diseases, including neoplastic process.

Determining the state of the SRY gene, it is possible to diagnose the risk of developing diseases of the reproductive system in males at the prenatal stage. While the study provides new information for a detailed study of cancer.

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