Scientists have learned how to determine the risk of prostate cancer in the form of baldness

Prostate cancer is formed on a certain character pattern baldness, which makes itself felt in men after 45 years. Data published in the journal of Clinical Oncology

In the study of 39 thousand men, researchers found: receding hairline around the forehead with a simultaneous loss of hair on the crown say about the risk of prostate, increased by 40% relative norms.

Prostate cancer is a fairly common form of cancer. It is on the second place among neoplastic diseases of men. Prostate cancer can be aggressive and non-aggressive. If the second developed over the years and is easily treatable, aggressive cancer is a complex condition requiring immediate intervention.

Scientists have linked prostate cancer and baldness, explaining the phenomenon of change in the level of male sex hormones. Doctors may use the information received at the first physical examination and history taking. This will help in quick and accurate diagnosis.

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