Scientists have learned how to assess the state of health of selfe-video

Experts from the University of Rochester proposed to use a modern program to assess the state of health of selfi video. An unusual application collects information about human activity, changes in its appearance. The result of the analysis is a summary of the health status of the user's social networks.

For such a "survey" does not require special sensors for activity monitoring, special questionnaires and regular surveys of doctors. The application independently evaluates the data that contains video involving human subjects. By the color of the face and other external features, the program can set the temperature and heart rate. Special mechanisms are able to assess the mental and physical condition of the user.

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While the application was tested on 27 volunteers who had a whole collection of selfi video. The program could precisely detect people's emotions: positive, negative or neutral. Now scientists want to teach your application to new emotions: sadness, surprise and joy.

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