Scientists have invented a sensor that detects the amount eaten and said during the day

In Taiwan the University was invented accelerometer is a device represents an artificial tooth, which makes it possible to determine the amount eaten, drunk, and also to measure other processes, such as cough and speech.

The dimensions of the accelerometer does not differ from the normal human teeth, only 4 to 10 millimeters, but it consists of three sensitive axes, which can transmit data via Bluetooth to a mobile device using a special program.

In the experiments, participated a total of 8 volunteers. However, they are not subjected to absolutely no danger, because the participants are not implanted extrinsic mechanisms, and just attached the sensor to the natural teeth. In addition, all tests were conducted wires, which acted as insurance to protect against the ingestion of the device at each experience in 4 cases.

According to developers, the device has settings that can be implemented individually for each user. With these settings, the accuracy of transmitted data, in respect of all four actions (cough, talking, eating and water) is 90%. If set General settings, then the reliability of the information will be reduced to 60%. Another advantage of the device is the ability to determine the interaction of language with the teeth in the conversation, and immediately reveals the grinding of teeth during sleep.

To date device like accelerometer acted Tooth Tattoo, which is able to detect the presence of bacteria in saliva and clean breath. Also drugs from the same series of developments is X2 xGuard, which is used by athletes to determine the frequency of strikes to the head.

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Scientists suggest that the accelerometer can be used to monitor proper nutrition, especially when you are on a diet.

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