Scientists have identified the true causes of depression

How did you manage to identify scientists from McMaster University, due to serious violations of the intestinal microflora, resulting from his experiences in the early years of stress, a person in adulthood may develop depression and increased anxiety. Overall, it should be noted that there is nothing new in this statement, since doctors have long identified the relationship of behavior and condition of the intestinal microflora, but the question still remains poorly understood.

Experts from McMaster for their research used two groups of laboratory mice. The first group of mice was normal microflora, and the second group of experimental animals deprived of beneficial bacteria. Since then, several rodents from each group were placed in conditions that inevitably led to stress – were separated from their mothers for several hours a day immediately after birth.

In result, we found out that animals whose microflora was normal, it was a serious increase in the level of stress hormone corticosterone, which in turn caused depression and anxiety symptoms. It also identified serious problems with digestion. But mice that lacked gut microflora have not experienced any problems with depression and anxiety, even though they also noted a surge of hormone and revealed slight variations in digestion.

The next stage of the experiment was transplanting bacteria animals from the first group, the mice of the second group. Once the bacteria take root and microflora was normalized in rodents, which has been transplanted also developed depression and anxiety, with absolutely nothing happened if the body had moved bacteria normal animals or mice could not survive the stress.

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