Scientists have identified the most dangerous period for area

Cigarette smoked after 30 minutes of sleep, causes maximum damage to health, will announce the findings of his research of the American scientists from the College of Penn. According to them, this morning cigarette in 2 times multiplies the risk of lung cancer, neck and head.

Doctors analyzed statistics 7610 smokers, of which 4776 suffered from lung cancer and 2835 were healthy. Scientists have found that the likelihood of cancer was significantly higher (79%) of those subjects who liked to smoke immediately after waking up. Moreover, the risk of developing cancer is not as influenced even the total number of cigarettes smoked per day, as this morning tightening. In another study it was proved that Amateurs have to smoke on an empty stomach after waking the risk of developing head and neck cancer was higher at 59%. Scientists remind, about 90% of lung cancer is associated with pernicious habit of Smoking, this harmful passion provokes 2 other types of cancer. The researchers insist that the damage from the first cigarette can be reduced, if Breakfast before Smoking.

Meanwhile, as evidenced by the world health organization (who), from passive Smoking on earth die every year about 600 thousand people.

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