Scientists have identified the most comfortable age for men

Researchers have found that men in particular feel your age. It turned out that most of them start to feel older just to 54 years, reports The Telegraph. At this age they believe they have reached very high standards and can evaluate their status as safe.

Scientists believe that the case was in constant financial pressure, which pushes men to work without rest until later age, not paying attention to privacy. Men just don't have time to feel the passage of time. Affects the attitude and later parenthood. In the man begins to live freely and to have fun only by the time you approach retirement.

Statistics show that more than 70% of men become fathers after 30 years. Early fatherhood makes men insecure, says statistical study. The stronger sex is afraid of the financial problems and early divorce.

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Men fear losing their jobs or not to provide for his family decent housing. In addition, some are afraid of real poverty. These factors have prompted the majority to a constant and intensive work, which did not give to feel the full taste of life before the onset of adulthood.

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