Scientists have identified the major risk factors of obesity in children

In the study, researchers from University College London have uncovered the main causes of childhood obesity. It needed to follow the fate of the 20,000 children in over 10 years. As it turned out, many factors affect the speed of children extra pounds.

The main factors of obesity is obvious. Unhealthy diet (qualitatively and quantitatively). Large role played by the mode of the day, affect weight and psychological problems. Once again, scientists point to a genetic predisposition to obesity. Proved that of fat and Smoking parents significantly more children grow up with overweight.

Scientists pay attention to the problem: by adolescence obesity affects children's health. The extra weight causes the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, problems with joints and bones.

While the statistics on obesity are disappointing. By 2025, if nothing changes, the extra weight will have 268 million children aged 5-17 years. Among them, symptoms of diabetes will have 12 million type II diabetes – in 4 million children.

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