Scientists have identified the main factors that increase the probability of divorce

Experts from the Harvard University in the framework of recent studies have tried to gather the main factors that affect the probability of divorce. The scientific work is directed primarily at overcoming the difficulties that inevitably arise in any family.

The study involved more than 6,300 families. Consideration of the modern family and marriage, built in 1974 and later. According to the data obtained before 1974, women were not especially demanding of their men in terms of solving everyday problems. Further, women gradually began to shift domestic responsibilities to their husbands. To happen it is the beginning due to the increase in women's rights and increase their workload at work.

Scientists say that household chores is one of the main problems in modern families. That is why it is best to distribute responsibilities and calmer attitude to washing dishes or floors. Still the main causes of divorce researchers attribute the lack of men of decent work and good wages.

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