Nothing worse for the human body than sitting in a chair 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Full working day in a sitting position hurts all organs and systems, especially for joints, muscles and cardiovascular system.

Scientists examined the 317 employees of large offices in Denmark and Greenland. Most of them worked in the traditional mode. The volunteers were asked to change habits and to shift to more active work, during which it was required to constantly move from one place to another. The chart remained the same. The weekend also survived.

It turned out, even a rare walk around the office can significantly reduce the amount of sedentary work. According to the study, the new format enabled the volunteers to lose on average 1% body mass per month. It is easy to assume that during the year this indicator can increase to 8-12%.

Sedentary lifestyle, on the contrary, increases the likelihood of obesity and diabetes. Experts advise to do sports and be active, regardless of the work. Then you can avoid heart problems and several other diseases.

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