Scientists have identified the main causes of death of people in different countries

The list of diseases scientists published in the report "Global diseases". A group of specialists from the Institute of performance and health assessment name of Washington (Seattle) analysed the main causes of death in 79 countries.

Hypertension remains the leader for many decades. It is followed by two more factors that cause heart disease such as Smoking and obesity. Smoking also triggers the development of cancer, diseases of the mouth, respiratory system.

Malnutrition and hunger – current issues in poor countries, lack of food reduces the immune system and leads to infections.

Among other causes of mortality: insufficient consumption of fruits, polluted air, high cholesterol, alcoholism.

If in Asia, a marked overpopulation, in Russia by 2050 the population could be reduced by almost half. The main causes of decreasing quality of life and poor quality of medical care.

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