Scientists have identified the main cause of curly hair

It was found that the presence of human straight or curly hair depends on a number of highly individual nuances of the structure of proteins that form their structure. In this case, the hair growth is a result of the formation of new groups of cells, and the combination of the above mentioned proteins in the basis set is controlled by genes.

As a key factor determining the type of hair, is called the distribution of hair cells relative to each other in the process of division. If they are located fairly evenly and linearly, the hair eventually get a direct structure. The curves arise because of the formation of cells with various parties in very unequal quantities.

Also important are mesinnya connection, which may be destroyed under the influence of various acids or alkalis are often included in most cosmetic products used, for example, artificial iron.

Experts also remind that the temperature effects (in particular Curling) is also able to destroy the so-called covalent bonds, it is extremely important for the structure and hair color.

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