Scientists have identified the influence of colours on the thoughts of a man

In the conducted research, it became known for a very interesting fact. It turns out that black and white effect on a person so that he begins to see the world in black and white, and his thinking becomes more radical, reports The Times of India.

An experiment was conducted, which consisted in the fact that the volunteers were asked to Express their point of view about moral dilemmas. Questions appeared on the screen on different backgrounds: black, white and neutral.

Answers to questions that appeared on a monochrome background, was more radical. This was evidenced by a special scale for the assessment of answers.

And it's not that these colors are contrasted with each other. The same effect was not achieved in the case of the contrast between blue and yellow colors.

The fact that colors affect objectively assess what is happening, can be used in everyday life. For example, in a situation where the estimation of the innocence or guilt of a person.

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According to this theory, people who give testimony in the court room, the floor of which black color, can make a not so objective thought, because the black color of the floor will bow to negative thinking.

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