Scientists have identified the ideal woman age from the male point of view

The research team from Finland tried to answer the question, what is the ideal age for men and women from the opposite sex. To do this, scientists interviewed 12.5 thousand people aged from 24 to 50 years.

The majority of male respondents admitted, most of them attract girls at the age of 24-25 years. It is to these years, the ladies acquire attractiveness, intelligence and sexuality.

In 25 years the girl is at the peak of fertility, the ideal age for conception of the child that should receive the best set of healthy genes. After 25 years of genetic material undergoes changes in the organism parents accumulate mutations are inherited.

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Experts in the field of family relations is advised to create a family in 23-27 years old, at this age, formed the most strong and healthy Union and partners easily find a common language. However, much of the relationship is individual and depends on the person.

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