Scientists have identified the ideal floor for living

Most people when choosing an apartment and floor to stay guided by aesthetic parameters. Many people like the beautiful view from the window, for someone more important than the lack of loud neighbors. A recent study proves that the floor accommodation has an impact on human health. Depending on the height of an apartment varies the level of the magnetic field. A weak magnetic field is one of the causes of the disease.

Scientists made the experiment to confirm his theory. It turned out that the accommodation above the seventh floor affects the nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems. With increasing height is a weakening of the magnetic field. This is the main reason described pathology.

In addition to height, health is affected by the materials of which the building was built. Concrete, for example, reduces the magnetic field inside the rooms by 10%. Themselves the best shows of brick and wood. The field attenuation coefficient is not one of the sanitary norms, but ideally it should also be considered when choosing housing.

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