Scientists have identified the cause of the tired tendency of people to harmful food

Long been known that physical fatigue greatly increases people's craving to eat unhealthy foods (e.g., chocolate or sweet cookies) instead of healthy food.

Researchers from northwestern University have managed to understand what is due this change in eating habits.

For experiments were selected by a group of volunteers, some of which are on different days (within a week) slept for eight hours – about four. Over the next days after that, the subjects were asked to rate the flavors of savory and sweet dishes high in calories (potato chips and pastries with cinnamon). In addition, the experiment participants were asked to rate a number of other odors, such as pine needles.

The results showed that those subjects who slept a short time, demonstrate increased brain activity in response to the smell of high-calorie food. For those who slept a full eight hours, this reaction has been identified.

It turns out that lack of sleep is directly linked to overeating and excess weight. Perhaps those who want to lose weight, you should start with a simple how to sleep?

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