Scientists have identified the cause of the return of cancer after chemotherapy

The recurrence of the cancer after chemotherapy in medical practice is common, when it comes to advanced tumors. Usually the return of the cancer occurs several years after treatment. Scientists have tried to explain on the example of a patient with leukemia and how this phenomenon is linked.

Doctors cured his leukemia, but in 20 years the disease has reappeared. In the composition of treatment included traditional chemotherapy drugs. It turned out the cancer cells at the time of treatment was "in hibernation", which contributed to the development of relapse of leukemia.

Scientists believe that it is necessary to treat cancer patients in a comprehensive manner. Inactive cells also must be destroyed one way. Standard radiation therapy and chemotherapy drugs give a good effect in the treatment of tumors in the early stages. In the treatment of severe and acute cases sometimes require treatment over several decades.

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