Scientists have identified similarities between the brain of birds and man

Weekly scientific edition of Science Daily, published an article on creating the first map of the avian brain. In the map detail for all of the zones and their connections. After the structure of the avian card decided to conduct a comparative analysis of the human. According to preliminary data part, responsible for cognitive functions, in particular the long-lasting memory and problem solving, birds and humans are very similar. So far only found the same link the individual parts of the brain in humans and in birds, but in the future will be thoroughly studied and all other communications.

According to Professor Marra Shanahan, despite the different nature of birds and humans, and their variations in relation to cognitive functions observed the same trends. An example of cognitive functions in birds is the ability to make their own dwellings, in one flock are distributive role, and their brain is able to solve problems in a changing environment, and to use items of modern progress.

In the course of the study, Professor Shanahan special attention was paid to the hippocampus, the area responsible for orientation in space and for the duration of the memory. Prefrontal cortex has also been subject to comparison, on this occasion, it was concluded that, despite the different development, communication in the brain of birds and mammals species remain the same.

In subsequent maps of the brain of birds you plan to use to create artificial intelligence robot and its control.

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