Scientists have identified four major symptoms of cancer at early stage

Early diagnosis of cancer is one of the few guarantees of a successful recovery. In this position, meet all the leading oncologists of the world. American scientists have tried to gather the main symptoms of the presence of cancer, so that ordinary people could use them in daily life. No sensationalism, only proven medical facts.

One of the first alarming symptoms – constant fever. It usually does not rise above 37-37,5 degrees. Doctors advise not to delay the trip to the clinic if you have this symptom.

The second important feature is weight loss without regard to diet or exercise. Note, often this weight loss is indicative of an advanced stage of cancer. So experts recommend to monitor their own well-being. Permanent weakness can also be a symptom of cancer.

The doctors advise to pay attention to cough, and hoarseness non-healing sores on the mucous membranes. It is recommended to take medical examinations for timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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