Scientists have identified five stages of a long and healthy life

British scientists claim: the following simple rules are able to delay senile dementia for 12 years. Conclusion based on data from 35 years of research. Manifestations of cardiovascular disease can be out for six years, adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

Enough to eat right and give your body physical exertion.

Scientists made the observation 2,5 thousand men. On the basis of the collected information has managed to develop a five-speed for longevity and health.

The first step is regular exercise. Physical exercise outdoors strengthen not only the muscles, but also stabilize the nervous system.

The second stage is Smoking cessation. Cigarettes and other tobacco products violate breath and wear out the heart with blood vessels.

The third step is monitoring its own weight. Based on this indicator, you should choose a diet and physical exercise.

The fourth step is nutrition. You should limit the intake of fatty foods, to give preference to fresh vegetables and meat diet. Especially useful fresh seafood and seasonal food of plant origin.

The final stage is the limit of alcohol consumption. A glass of wine is unlikely to hurt, and regular trips to the bar and feast irreparable damage to the body.

Following five simple rules, you can achieve excellent results and feel younger after a few months. It is important not to deviate from the planned course.

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