The possession of all three qualities may be on an unconscious level to cause a person to dive into the world of social networking too deeply and become addicted to Facebook. However, we can talk about any other social network.

First quality is a weak character. The use of social networks to discover the opposite sex, insecurities make you believe that the Internet has some power, giving support when communicating with other people.

The second quality – forgetfulness. Scientists noticed that among people who are dependent on social networks, a lot of really forgetful individuals. Indeed, Facebook will remind about the birthdays of all friends, the upcoming holidays and other important events.

The latter quality – low self-esteem, it often hinders to translate the dialogue in real life, forcing people to live in the network, swiping at the computer day and night.

Note, the presence of all three qualities in one person does not guarantee that a dependency on social networking, however, this probability is increased by several times. Today, Internet addiction is considered a serious problem requiring treatment. Some doctors compare it to alcoholism or drug addiction.

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