Scientists have identified CSD capacity for compassion

A group of researchers studied the basic characteristic of these birds, the nuances of the manifestations of the maternal instinct and came to the conclusion that chickens are quite characteristic of empathy.

The essence of experiment consisted in the fact that newly hatched from eggs brood of chickens isolation from mother hen so that she could only observe them. The Chicks were filled with jets of cold air, which naturally caused them to fear, forced to stray into the flock and shrill beeping.

Forced in the position of passive observer the mother of the Chicks has made literally no effort to come to the aid of his children, felt a sense of anxiety and concern, as eloquently testified to the increasing intensity of cardiac contractions. Experts came to the conclusion that absolutely the same feelings you experience in such cases and people, which clearly indicates the presence of chickens have well-developed emotional intelligence.

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