Scientists have identified a protein precipitating prostate cancer

Canadian scientists have identified a protein responsible for the development of prostate cancer in men. In Canada prostate cancer defeated one of the six men, only last year 24600 local men have been given this diagnosis. When detecting in the early stages of most varieties of cancer can be cured, however, still remains unclear reason: what causes tumors to give metastasized and spread to other parts of the body?

Junior lecturer in Nephrology Department at McMaster University Damu Tang almost ten years devoted to the search of the molecular basis of cancer progression in the prostate. He was able to identify protein MAN2C1, responsible for the development of prostate cancer in patients with elevated protein content MAN2C1 form of the disease took a more aggressive form.

Opening Tanga will serve as a good service if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the early stages of the disease, and will help to predict the development of metastasis. Patients with increased protein content MAN2C1 will need more aggressive therapy to prevent metastatic progression.

Let's hope that this discovery will reduce the cases require aggressive treatment of cancer and help doctors to come to a common technology medical treatment. Unfortunately, at the moment in Russia this disease leads to death in one out of ten cases.

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