Scientists have identified a new painkilling properties of coffee

In our time, for anybody not a secret that lack of sleep and coffee in most cases is called, go hand in hand. People who are forced due to various circumstances to keep awake at night, often drink this tonic, to somehow cheer up. Recently, however, researchers have discovered an amazing thing: it turns out that coffee can reduce the intensity of pain in people suffering from lack of sleep.

A group of neuroscientists from Harvard University have found that chronic insomnia increases the degree of susceptibility of the organism to pain (in some cases powerless even morphine). Thus, coffee demonstrates in such situations enviable efficiency. Outset that a similar effect is achieved only under the condition of shortage of sleep.

By the way, the same effect has and modafinil – a drug used for the treatment of sleepiness in patients with narcolepsy. Overall, this is a new, unique technique get rid of the pain. According to scientists, increased sensitivity to pain is due to partial loss tired people alertness and vitality, not with changes in the mechanisms of pain syndrome.

Found that as caffeine and modafinil to increase the concentration of dopamine in the brain. It is logical to assume that the blame lack of sleep. Experiments on mice have led scientists to the conclusion that both the above-mentioned substances immediately after their introduction into the organism of experimental animal resulted in the level of sensitivity to pain to normal.

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