Scientists have grown male penis from stem cells

Scientists from the Institute for regenerative medicine in North Carolina conducted an experiment during which they managed to grow the male member on the basis of stem cells. According to preliminary results, the growing body need about 4-7 weeks.

For the first experiment took stem cells from Guinea pigs. Everything went well, scientists now plan to do the same with the stem cells of a person. It requires formal approval by the national authority for sanitary supervision. It is now engaged in the expert group.

For approval you need to prove the safety of research and high quality materials. Anthony Atala, Director of the experiment believes that the best way would be to look step-by-step description of all scientific activity.

For growing the penis, which can later settle down, you will need your own cell patients. The operation and capabilities of stem medicine should help patients with abnormalities of the genital organs, injuries of the penis.

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