Biotechnologists are from America has created an artificial limb based on stem||| cells. This edition of Biomaterials.

Scientists have grown an artificial leg rats

"Our limbs contain cartilage, muscles, bones, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves and other things, each of which has its own "frame" that supports their form. We showed that we can save them in that position, and the form in which they appear in the feet and hands, as well as to maintain them in this state indefinitely," comments the results of the experiment Harald Ott, a fellow at Harvard University.

A group of scientists took several years to develop a technique for growing working copy of a limb of the rat. The experimental sample as close to the real leg, he has the blood vessels, muscle and bone from stem cells.

The technology is based on the creation of the framework and populating it with basic cells, which are transformed into specific tissue. Still not managed to connect the nerves to the muscles, but that, experts say, only a matter of time.

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