Scientists have given advice on the correct shopping

A team from the USA in the course of the experiment elicited a number of recommendations for people, often making purchases. One of the basic tips – before you leave home to make a list and try to stick to it.

In total the study involved 700 volunteers, who posed as buyers. One part asked to buy in the store 20 known products (the cabbage, apples, bananas). The rest were offered to purchase exotic fruits and vegetables (beets, figs, coconuts).

If in the first case, the volunteers quickly collected the trash and rarely looked in the list, the second to remember all the necessary products was not so easy. Still people forgot a huge part from the list, if during the trip to the store stopped for a break on reading the book.

Experts say, to the stores with lists goes only every second person. And those don't always adhere to it. It is better to make a list in advance to not to forget to buy the main thing and not to take superfluous.

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