Scientists have found why the crying child pauses on the arms of his mother

Scientists from Japan have found that once a crying baby mother takes his hands, he fully automatically relaxes, and because of this, stop crying, RIA "Novosti".

Experts from the RIKEN brain science Institute Sachin Yoshida and Gianluca Esposito similar behavior recorded in young rodents in while their mother migrates from one place to another. Scientists believe that muscle relaxation and slowing the heart rate are part of the close ties between the child and the mother, which has been preserved through evolution. According to Kuroda, such a reaction of the calf allows the mother to carry it with ease, and this behavior benefits them both.

The expert also noted that the young mice not only shut up and stand still while carrying, but also to adopt such a posture, bent with feet to provide his mother with maximum comfort during transportation. Similarly behave and some other mammals, for example: cat.

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Scientists have found that human infants slows heart rate as soon as his take on his hands and begin to wear. Here is always important to carry the baby, because if it is just to keep on hand, such an effect is not achieved. According to the authors of the study, despite the fact that they were doing an experiment involving mothers and their children, most likely, a similar reaction of the child will be observed even if it will take the hands of someone other than the mother.

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