Scientists have found why older people need less time to sleep

The researchers could not answer the question of why older people need less time to sleep. Now there are very specific assumption with scientific justification. It's all in the death of neurons in ventrolateral proptional part of the brain, writes Upstart Magazine.

Scientists made the experiment on laboratory rats. If artificially disable this region of the brain, the animals develop a severe form of insomnia.

The data were confirmed in a study with volunteers who wore a special device on his wrist. The instrument measured the number of neurons in ventrolateral area and any changes that occur throughout a person's life.

It turned out with age, the death of neurons holds for sleep disorders. Older people, on average, slept an hour less than the average young man of 20 years.

Scientists believe their discovery will help in the development of new products from insomnia. Acting on specific neurons, it will be possible to prevent the pathological process of destruction of nerve tissue. It is expected that the drug will be no side effects.

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