Scientists have found who experiences a breakup harder

Researchers from Binghamton University and University College London interviewed 5705 people from 96 countries. Volunteers were asked to rate the mental and physical pain after breaking up with a partner. For this purpose we used a 10-point scale.

The average mental anguish among women was 6,84 points, among men – 6,58. While in men the rate of physical pain was higher than in women (4,21 points against 3,75). Men in most cases, the recovery took longer. Some even decades could not forget the lost relationship.

On average, a person experiences three gap up to 30 years. Each of them is able to reduce the quality of life for a few weeks or months. According to scientists, women are more invested in the relationship. There's a reason. Pregnancy causes women to be more selective in choosing a partner.

Among men expressed competition for the attention of the opposite sex. Parting is not always tugs at the emotions of the stronger sex. But if this happens, an injury leaves a deep mark.

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