Scientists have found, when the passion between spouses begins to fade

Love and passion in a family relationship are the two things that wished to understand scientists. The results are extremely disappointing: a year after of marriage, the spouses losing sexual interest in each other if the relationship itself stand still and begin to wallow in household Affairs.

In total, the study involved more than three thousand people aged 25 to 45 years. As it turned out, the initial level of attraction to each other after the beginning of their life together fails to maintain units. Most of the people who are in a family relationship, complained about the reduction in the attractiveness of the partner and decrease the frequency of intimacy.

With all this situation can be addressed, the researchers said. To add to the intimate life something new. Experts suggest spouses do not run themselves after the wedding and continue to take care of themselves, going to the gym, get dressed at home in new things, not worn sweatpants to Slippers. Then the sexual desire to each other can gain a second life.

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