Scientists have found useful properties of saturated fatty acids

It is believed that saturated fatty acids carry only harm. Contrary to public opinion, saturated fatty acids protect the body from diabetes mellitus of the second type. Particularly useful acid contained in yogurt, writes The Daily Mail. From fat after frying meat should be abandoned, according to experts.

So, how to understand, useful if a specific fatty acid or not? Quite simply, if we consider the molecular structure of substances. If a saturated fatty acid has an even number of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, the product should be abandoned. An odd number of atoms talks about the beneficial properties of the product. To such conclusion scientists from Cambridge. It remains to understand how to determine the number of atoms of oxygen and hydrogen at home.

Note, the specialists from the European Commission found a link between the nine saturated fatty acids and risk of developing diabetes. As it turned out, the diet is not always plays a crucial role in the formation of the disease. In some cases, the disease is genetically determined. Doctors advise even in this case, follow the correct mode and the right foods with a small amount of fast carbs.

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