Scientists have found the switch to the sleep the brain

A group of British scientists has found in the human brain, the area responsible for the regulation of sleep. Thanks to her, the body gets the signal that it is time to fall asleep or to Wake up. To prove their theory, the scientists conducted a series of experiments on flies-Drosophila. Despite some differences in the structure of the nervous system of the insect and human, the principles of its operation are similar and can be projected on each other.

Scientists have discovered a group of neurons, initiating a sleep state. The death of this part of the brain leads to serious sleep disorders.

It is considered that the impact on this area of the brain will help doctors to save their patients from sleep problems, constant insomnia. Experts from Oxford University believe that the development of a drug that affects this group of neurons is an extremely promising direction.

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It is quite possible that the new discovery will serve to develop more effective and safe methods of treatment of insomnia.

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