Scientists have found the structure of the brain, responsible for the conscience

A group of scientists from Oxford University have found the area of the brain responsible for the human conscience. The study involved 25 volunteers. Examination of the cerebral cortex gave reason to believe that the ability to limit itself to actions is the only people who like the notion of morality.

Scientists have made images of the cerebral cortex of monkeys and humans. In the area of the frontal cortex was found a number of differences in one of the 12 parts of this structure. Experts believe that in the area of the lateral frontal pole is a separate part, responsible for the separation of any action on the good and the bad. Thanks spherical clump of nerve tissue man can distinguish between good and evil. Note that the structure is completely absent from all other mammals.

Humorous remark made by Oxford scientists, "the Conscience of man is small, and to be proud of it silly. Plot size not more heads of cabbage Brussels sprouts."

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