Scientists have found the root cause of insomnia it can be inherited

The staff of the School of psychology at the canadian Laval University, it was found that the cause of insomnia can serve as genetic factors.

The publication reports that during one year the scientists interviewed 3485 people. Respondents reported sleep disorders in their family and among close relatives. Thus, it was found that almost half of respondents(40%) have close relatives who suffer from insomnia. About 76% of the respondents reported that sleep disturbances have only one relative, 21% of participants reported that the family are two representatives, and only 3% of participants reported three people.

Summarizing these studies, it was found that the risk of insomnia, inherited, is about 37%.

Charles Morin, who is the author of this study, reported that insomnia may occur under the influence of many factors, including genetic factors. According to the source, the final causes of insomnia in humans, scientists cannot install. That is why research in this area continues.

Experts report that you are experiencing such problems should immediately consult a doctor.

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It should be mentioned that scientists from the University of southern Denmark reported that arise with the disease and complications in men suffering from insomnia. In particular, sleep disorders have a strong sex reduces the chances of conception.

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