Scientists have found the reason why men have big noses

It is known that men are more likely to become owners of large noses. Unfortunately, to date the cause of this phenomenon was unknown. However, the research team from the University of Iowa conducted a study that revealed why man needs big nose. It turns out that the body of an adult male requires relatively more oxygen and inhaled air, than a woman's body. This physiological feature developed into evolutionary factor which exerts its influence on the anatomical features of the human body.

Scientists conducted a global study, which allowed us to deeply investigate the anatomical features of the structure of the external organ of smell in 38 volunteers, among whom were men and women. The obtained data and their subsequent analysis allowed to answer such an extraordinary question.

The study showed that the nose is actually a gateway for air. Larger diameter of the nasal openings allows you to inhale large amounts of air, which is necessary for the supply of human tissue. It should be noted that the physical development of men are much stronger than the average muscle strength women. That is why the male body needs more oxygen. Scientists say that in a certain number of cases, the size of the nose associated with muscle size and physical development of man, his power of endurance.

In addition, the researchers found that the male nose on average 10% more female. Data refer to the inhabitants of Europe and America, as the study was conducted on the territory of these regions.

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