Scientists have found the reason why men are more successful than women in sports disciplines

Sport is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. Systematic exercises and workouts keep your body in good shape, strengthen muscles, increase the barrier properties and the immunity of the person. The combination of proper nutrition, sports and walks in the fresh air - this is the basis for a long and healthy life. However, we all know that men are more adapted to many kinds of sports than women. They achieve great results. Women's sports often has a lower discharge. Scientists have tried to understand the problem and find a reasonable explanation for this fact.

A research team from McGill University conducted a study which found the cause of the success of men in most sports. It turns out that the difference is in the structure of the diaphragm. Aperture of women arranged more subtle and does not allow so actively to breathe during exercise. This factor reduces the effectiveness of strength training and performance endurance exercises.

In experiment took part 50 volunteers with no bad habits at the age of forty years. Participants were offered a special method of training, during which they had to do on the bike. Men and women were asked to give the maximum possible result, and all data were recorded and subjected to deep analysis.

Assessed the degree of dyspnea and respiratory system at peak exercise. In addition, were taken to implement with the help of a special device. In particular, scholars interested in the response of the diaphragm to excessive physical load.

It turned out that breath during exercise, women were given more difficult than men. Special methods the study confirmed this and revealed an interesting fact. Chest muscles women stronger strained and tired, which did not allow a long time to give good results on the bike and at the same time to control his breathing.

Scientists say that regular exercise is equally effective for men and women and allow you to train all groups of muscles.

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