Scientists have found the reason for the lack of orgasms in women

The main reason for the lack of orgasms, scientists believe, is a small clitoris, located far away from the vagina. It turned out that such anatomical features lead to lack the desired level of sensitivity, writes Live Science. To confirm the data, the researchers conducted a scan of the pelvic organs and 30 women. 10 subjects admitted that his whole life did not experience a single orgasm. The rest on the quality of their sex life didn't complain.

The study showed that the distance between the vagina and the clitoris in women who are not able to experience orgasm, increased by 5-6 mm. Scientists are unable to determine the effect of sexual activity on this factor and a genetic predisposition to sexual sensitivity.

It is likely that a large clitoris provides the best stimulation during intercourse. The clitoris is an organ that is penetrated by thousands of nerves concentrated in a small area. Scientists believe that the higher the education, the more nerve endings in it is located.

Other scientists do not agree with this position. The main problem in the psychology of women, they say. Difficulties in sexual life experiences up to one third of women. Less than half of the women, consisting in a permanent relationship, experiencing regular orgasms, only 15% are faced with multiple orgasms.

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