Scientists have found the reason for the frequent miscarriages in some women

Scientists have discovered a potential cause of such phenomena as miscarriage. This discovery can be a real breakthrough in the field of medical science as its basis will be developed new drugs that will ultimately solve this problem.

As a result of laboratory studies have revealed that women who have had three or more miscarriages, was elevated content in the uterus molecules IL-33. Soon, doctors hope to be able to delete the above molecules as they are discovered in pregnant.

According to scientists, these molecules is determined by the fact, accustomed whether the embryo in the mother's womb. But due to poor control over the receptivity of the uterus in women who have had a few miscarriages, he continued to stand for ten days, after the process of conception.

The experiment also showed that the chemical substances produced by cells of women who have experienced multiple miscarriages, extended the time of ovulation, thereby causing a miscarriage. In addition, inflamed mucous membrane of the uterus that jeopardizes the healthy development of the embryo.

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The embryo should be introduced into the lining of the uterus only during the ovulation period, which lasts several days in the month after the end of the menstrual cycle. But at the moment, medical science is aware only of the few biological processes controlling the implantation of the embryo.

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